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Fresh cold pressed juices, herbal supplements, and health meals daily. See our menu on our website.

Vitiman Kandie is a combination of cold pressed juice blend and all natural herbs that contains acidic fruits and veggies to help you get back to your natural flow without any side affects. I used Vitiman Kandie to cleanse my digestive tracT once a month to continuously lose weight, gain muscle, and just generally feel great everyday. I became a Group Fitness trainer in 2010 to help others lose weight and understand what it takes to life a full and healthy life. In 2016, I opened my first brick and mortar VK Fitness Studio where I serviced many clients that lost over 300 lbs collectively using Vitiman Kandie cleansing, workout, and meal programming.

In 2019, Mary decided to switch online training to help change lives all over the world. On Jul 13, 2019 she released her first book From This To That that explains how she over came adversity and explains how to use her 3 step guide to help others lose weight right at their own pace.